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Migración a servidor más rápido (conseguido 100/100 web performance)

Posteado por Xavier Xaus Nadal on 3rd mayo 2012


Hoy quizá durante un rato no hayáis podido entrar al blog, pero la interrupción ha sido para mejor.

Siento no haber podido avisar antes pero hemos sufrido un upgrade del sistema operativo central en nuestro proveedor de hosting Bluehost.

Esta mañana hemos recibido la siguiente carta.

Dear Xavier,


We’re pleased to inform you that the server hosting your website will be undergoing a major software upgrade, from CentOS 5 to CentOS 6, within the next 48 hours.


This upgrade includes newer software packages (including Python, Perl and gcc), as well as all the security and performance benefits that come along with CentOS 6. In addition to this, the server will be redeployed with a different file system type simultaneously, further increasing performance.


Although a bulk of the upgrades to your server are being done with it online and functional, in order to safely finalize these changes our Administrators will need to temporarily take your server offline in the early morning hours. Barring any extenuating circumstances this outage should only last about 2 hours.


Please note that while we do not anticipate your software having problems post-update, it may be required to re-compile any module(s) you are using to take advantage of the newer included libraries. We suggest reviewing your site afterward to verify that it is functioning as it should.


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

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